Ship Building

Based on regional port advantage and company’s years of ship operation experience, Ningshing enters the field of ship building and repairing. Zhoushan Ningshing Ship Building & Repairing Co., Ltd is located in Daishan shipbuilding industrial park in Zhoushan city, which is adjacent to Shanghai and Ningbo and is the forefront of Yangtze River Delta economic zone. Covering an area of 177,000 square meters and having five berths with maximum load of 70,000 tons, Ningshing Zhoushan Shipbuilding is equipped with 200T gantry crane, plasma flame cutting machine and other advanced production and processing machinery equipment. With a professional high-tech ship construction team, it can undertake the manufacturing of ultra-low temperature refrigerated ships, ocean-going refrigerated ships, ice-enhanced bulk carriers, container barges, dredgers, three-purpose tugs, product tankers, chemical tankers, and ocean-going fishing vessels in accordance with Chinese and foreign classification society specifications and international convention standard. Supplemented by ship maintenance and repair business, the company is committed to building a ship construction & repair base and constantly expand the development space of professional industrialization.

  • Tel:86-574-87287288
  • Fax:86-574-87248846
  • Address:27F Tianning Mansion, No.138
  • Zhongshan Road West, Ningbo
?Ningbo Ningshing Holdings Corporation
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