Textile & Apparel

Both the Garment Department of Ningshing Trading Group and Ningshing Hench International are the professional apparel manufacturers & exporters with 15 years of experience and their total annual export volume reaches USD 40 million.

The Garment Department of Ningshing Trading Group

With a team of professional designers and a leading edge in R&D and production process, the Department keeps developing new fabrics and introducing new styles, enters the international brand hypermarkets, and has maintained long-term cooperation with customers from Europe, the United States, South America and Southeast Asian. Covering various style such as leisure, fashion and sports, the Department exports mainly men's suits, casual woven shirts, knitted fashion casual T-shirts, functional jerseys and swimwear.

Ningshing Hench International Co.Ltd                     

Equipped with an R&D plant of 3000 square meters and a professional team of designers, accessories procurement and senior sample production staff, Ningshing Hench is able to design and manufacture the trending garments and fashion clothes. There are professional QC to conduct the whole process check from the fabric ordering, dyeing, and tailoring to the final garment production. The company has developed solid and long-term business relationships with well-known garment brand owners from Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Its main export products are T-shirts, sports shirts, sweaters, functional woolen sweater, ski wear, women's fashion, suits, and wool coats.

  • Tel:86-574-87287288
  • Fax:86-574-87248846
  • E-mail:info@ningshing.com
  • Address:27F Tianning Mansion, No.138
  • Zhongshan Road West, Ningbo
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