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Women's Day Activity Promoted Female Employees’ Passion & Energy
In order to commemorate the 112th anniversary of International Women's Day, reflect the company's humanistic care, and stimulate the enthusiasm and creative vitality of the female employees, Ningshing Holdings organized the Women's Day activity with the participation of 250 female employees on March 11th,2022.Ms. Gao Ping, Party Secretary, Vice Chairman and Chairman of Trade Union of Ningshing Holdings, extended festival greetings to all Ningshing female employees on behalf of the company. She fully affirmed the positive efforts and important contributions made by Ningshing female employees over the years, and put forward three hopes for everyone: Cherish the golden youth, company platform and team partners, study hard, and work happily; Love our career, realize our own value and live a wonderful life; took care of our family, inherit family customs and virtues, and create a happy life.During the activity, female employees visited online celebrity B&B and witnessed the new atmosphere of rural revitalization in Ningbo, walked on the plank road in Yun Lake, touched the beauty of nature; visited the Zhou Xinfang Theatre Art Museum to appreciate the charm of traditional opera culture.At the lecture on cheongsam culture in Chantel Gong, everyone enthusiastically signed up for the dressing experience to show their personal charm, prepared talent shows to add joy to the activity. At last, some of them expressed their feelings of this activity. Women should be self-reliant, devote themselves to their work with full passion and energy, contribute more to the high-quality development of Ninshing Holdings, and got a wonderful memory for their career.This activity was rich in content and diverse in forms. All the female employees had a wonderful time together.
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