Ningbo Sinomach Ningshing Automobile Co.Ltd

Ningshing has joined hands with a state-owned listed company named Sinomach Automobile (Stock code: 600335) and co-invested Ningbo Sinomach Ningshing Automobile Co. Ltd. With Extensive experience in automobile retailing business and good factory relationship & supply resources, the Company operates the 4S dealerships of FAW Toyota, GAC Toyota, Shanghai GM and GAC Mitsubishi, providing the sale of new and used cars as well as car maintenance, auto finance, auto rental and other full value service chain business. The company ranks among the top 100 auto distributors in China. Ningshing Toyota Dealership, one of its subsidiaries, has been awarded “Gold Medal Dealership” by FAW Toyota for several consecutive years.

Contact Information:
  • Tel:86-574-87990395
  • Fax:86-574-87990389
  • Address:No.72 Zhongxing Road South, Jiangdong District, Ningbo
  • Postcode: 315192
  • Tel:86-574-87287288
  • Fax:86-574-87248846
  • Address:27F Tianning Mansion, No.138
  • Zhongshan Road West, Ningbo
?Ningbo Ningshing Holdings Corporation
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