Zhangjiagang Ningshing Tank Terminal Co.Ltd

Located in Jingang Town of Zhangjiagang and adjacent to Zhangjiagang FTZ and Yangtze chemical industry zone, Zhangjiagang Ningshing Tank Terminal Co., Ltd is equipped with 39 tanks with a total storage capacity of 81100 cubic meter. The Company provides storage services for hazardous chemicals and also the service of cargo handling, barge transport and cargo storage within the port area. The main storage chemicals are toluene, ethylene glycol, methanol and sulfur. Zhangjiagang Ningshing has developed strategic cooperation with major industry customers such as Grand Resources, Grand Petro-chemical, Changzhou Chemical & Light and Shanghai Huigang.

Contact Information:
  • Tel:86-512-58338563
  • Fax:86-512-58335513
  • Address:Inside Jingang Port Group, Jiangang Town, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu,China
  • Postcode: 215633
  • Tel:86-574-87287288
  • Fax:86-574-87248846
  • E-mail:info@ningshing.com
  • Address:27F Tianning Mansion, No.138
  • Zhongshan Road West, Ningbo
?Ningbo Ningshing Holdings Corporation
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